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The Philanthropy Foundation presents a new and personalised opportunity for individuals and businesses to organise and make the most of their charitable giving in a simple, time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Find out more about how we can help you make a difference.

Why the Philanthropy Foundation?

We help you make the maximum impact, where it matters most.

Many individuals and companies are keen to make a real difference to the quality of life of others, whether in their own local community or further afield, but may be deterred by the complexity of either establishing and managing their own charitable foundation or knowing where best to direct their funds.

Having a fund established in your own name within The Philanthropy Foundation is just the first step in how we can help you to achieve your charitable and philanthropic ambitions.


The Philanthropy Foundation offers the complete service. We take care of the administrative burden of running a charitable foundation, whilst allowing you the donor to be as involved in the decision-making and distribution process as you wish.

The Philanthropy Foundation Offer

Focus on making the most of your giving, and leave the admin to us.

The Philanthropy Foundation can help you as an individual or business to shape and deliver your charitable giving to maximum benefit.

By establishing an Individual Giving Fund within The Philanthropy Foundation, a donor can support charities or social enterprises of their choosing or initiate their own charitable projects in partnership with our official sports and entertainment partner A-star.


Each client receives a bespoke service, tailored to their individual aims, to achieve maximum benefit for both the donor and their beneficiaries - so that you can ‘make your philanthropy happen’ quickly and cost-effectively and with maximum charitable impact.

Case Studies

Find out about others already making a difference.

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We work closely with each individual donor to establish their interests and priorities and to ensure that the work is distinctive to you and doesn’t replicate existing charitable activity already in operation.

Getting Started

Develop your own philanthropic programme, to support the causes you care about.

A minimum of £30,000 is usually required to create an Individual Giving Fund. Donations can comprise cash, shares and other qualifying assets. Further donations may be made at any subsequent time of the donor’s choosing to enhance the value of their giving.

The Foundation will agree with each Individual Giving Fund donor:

  • The name that the Fund will be accorded;
  • The donor’s particular objectives and areas of interest for the use of their Fund;
  • Any investigation or development work required in order to put the Fund to its intended use;
  • The nature and scope of grant distribution;
  • The level of publicity / anonymity sought, together with the development of any associated publicity strategy;
  • An investment approach to reflect the Fund’s expected cash requirements;
  • Monitoring and reporting schedules for funded activities and projects.


Contact Us

One of our advisors would be delighted to have a confidential discussion with you on how
The Philanthropy Foundation can help you to deliver your plans for charitable giving.

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